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  • On how due diligence is overrated.

  • The do’s and don’ts when creating a startup and how to thrive in a post-COVID era

  • On creating success by doing something you absolutely love.

  • On fix and flips, private money lending, and raising capital

  • Shelly Visser on the necessity of mindset and breaking down mental barriers.

  • On mini-retirements, structuring your day for success, and the importance to maintaining your sales funnel

  • On the power of a positive mindset and positive thinking.

  • On AirBnB lease arbitrage, committing to your goals, and always moving forward.

  • Learning Real Estate Investing the Hard Way.

  • On how to generate $1500/month cash flow and how to screen over 1500 tenants without losing your mind!

  • On the importance of focusing on a niche, how to make time for real estate investing even when you don’t think you have any, and so much more.

  • Going from a typical 9-5 to being the manager of your own time, some of the pitfalls people experience starting out, and the importance of time management.

  • On Second Mortgages, Accepting Chaos, and the Importance of Finding a Business Partner who Complements Your Abilities.

  • Importance of systems and processes, positive influences, and networking with positive people.

  • Importance of Creating Multiple Income streams, dealing with resistance to change, and creating accountability.

  • Starting your first side hustle, working with first time home buyers, and income-generating real estate investments.

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