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EP 21 – 10 Steps to Get Started in Real Estate Investing

https://youtu.be/UlplAj09soY Prefer to listen? Click on one of the links below or find us at Commonwealth Home Ownership on your favorite Podcast App! Spotify Itunes In this episode, Brad and Phil go over 10 actionable steps that anyone can take to get themselves in the

EP 20 – Avoiding Analysis Paralysis in 2021

  In this episode, we talk about analysis paralysis and more specifically, how to avoid falling into this all-too-common trap.  2020 has been a wild, uncertain year and 2021 is looking more promising but there are still a lot of uncertainties ahead of us. Attached

Episode 17 – Sandy Fransham

On sweat equity, hustling hard in the early days when getting started, the importance of great relationships with you and your power team, and also making smart unglamorous financial decisions along your journey to build a sustainable, shiny today.

Episode 11 – James Knull

On mini-retirements, structuring your day for success, and the importance to maintaining your sales funnel

Episode 07 – Bill Biko

On how to generate $1500/month cash flow and how to screen over 1500 tenants without losing your mind!

Episode 06 – Darwin Lahue

On the importance of focusing on a niche, how to make time for real estate investing even when you don’t think you have any, and so much more.

Episode 05 – Kimm Nguyen

Going from a typical 9-5 to being the manager of your own time, some of the pitfalls people experience starting out, and the importance of time management.

Episode 04 – Mike Sheret

On Second Mortgages, Accepting Chaos, and the Importance of Finding a Business Partner who Complements Your Abilities.

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