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  • On sweat equity, hustling hard in the early days when getting started, the importance of great relationships with you and your power team, and also making smart unglamorous financial decisions along your journey to build a sustainable, shiny today.

  • On how due diligence is overrated.

  • The do’s and don’ts when creating a startup and how to thrive in a post-COVID era

  • On creating success by doing something you absolutely love.

  • On fix and flips, private money lending, and raising capital

  • Shelly Visser on the necessity of mindset and breaking down mental barriers.

  • On mini-retirements, structuring your day for success, and the importance to maintaining your sales funnel

  • On the power of a positive mindset and positive thinking.

  • On AirBnB lease arbitrage, committing to your goals, and always moving forward.

  • Learning Real Estate Investing the Hard Way.

  • On how to generate $1500/month cash flow and how to screen over 1500 tenants without losing your mind!

  • On the importance of focusing on a niche, how to make time for real estate investing even when you don’t think you have any, and so much more.

  • Going from a typical 9-5 to being the manager of your own time, some of the pitfalls people experience starting out, and the importance of time management.

  • On Second Mortgages, Accepting Chaos, and the Importance of Finding a Business Partner who Complements Your Abilities.

  • Importance of systems and processes, positive influences, and networking with positive people.

  • Importance of Creating Multiple Income streams, dealing with resistance to change, and creating accountability.

  • Starting your first side hustle, working with first time home buyers, and income-generating real estate investments.

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