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Steven Ma


Steven has been born and raised in Calgary. He is currently finishing his studies in mechanical engineering as one of the top students at the University of Calgary.


Despite his talent in engineering, he understands that working as an engineer would not allow him the freedom he desires. With freedom and governance over his calendar as core values in his life, Steven has ambitiously pursued different avenues of investing to achieve his goal of an early retirement. Pursuing real estate investing is one of the vehicles that is bringing Steven closer towards his goals. Steven is excited to utilize his skills with innovation, critical thinking, and creativity from engineering, in the field of real estate investing.


Steven has an avid interest to explore what life has to offer, with a passion for traveling, sports and fitness, and music festivals. Having visited over 20 cities, playing over 10 sports, and working out for over 5 years, Steven loves living an active lifestyle.

Although young, Steven is determined to become a successful real estate investor, while making many new connections along the way!


“It’s not the years in your life that counts. It’s the life in your years.” 

– Abraham Lincoln

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