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Jeff Kuckartz

Jeff Kuckartz


Born and raised in southern Saskatchewan, Jeff started his career in the plumbing industry as an apprentice working along-side his father. After becoming a qualified red seal plumber, Jeff furthered his education by also obtaining his red seal in pipe-fitting. Initially starting his real estate investing career in Saskatoon, Jeff made the inter-provincial move to Calgary during January 2018 to be with his partner Jess


When Jeff is not working in the construction industry or on real estate investing, he takes the time to enjoy the great outdoors, camping, kayaking, hiking, golfing and snowboarding. Jeff highly values spending time with family and friends as well as travelling. It’s because of these activities Jeff strives to create a better life for his family and the people around him.


Jeff understands that life is too short, and believes everyone should be doing the things they enjoy while being with the people they love. Jeff is determined to create a circle of win-win opportunities for every client and aid in their quest for financial freedom.


“More important than how we achieve financial freedom is why! Find your reasons you want to be free and wealthy.”


-Robert Kiyosaki


“I would love to hear about your whys and help you turn your dreams into reality through creative real estate investment strategies. Feel free to reach out by email at or give me a call anytime at 587.998.0025.”


-Jeff Kuckartz

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