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Brad Price

Brad Price


Born in Australia, Brad made the move to Canada during the year of 2010 and called Calgary home in 2014, where he now resides with his growing family. 


Initially starting his career as an electrician, Brad gained over 15 years of diverse experience within the residential and commercial construction and development industries, nationally and internationally. Using the knowledge attained throughout his career Brad progressed into Construction Management. 


While investing in Alberta real estate with his partner Charlotte, Brad’s passion for real estate investing grew exponentially. Utilising real estate to achieve his goals and provide a better life for his family. 


Brad’s motivation to succeed and dedication to transporting every client’s vision to reality is infectious. Brad takes great pride in individually tailoring innovative real estate investment strategies for all investors. Brad manages the day-to-day activities related to every investment ensuring performance, efficiency and profitability. Above all, he will take the steps necessary to plan your investment for success

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started”

– Mark Twain 


I take great pride in helping others reach their goals through real estate investing. Please feel free to give me a call to discuss your goals and aspirations on 587-834-2255 or send me an email.” 

-Brad Price

Our podcasts are hosted by Brad Price and Phil Wong and feature interviews with industry leaders and professionals. From off-the-cuff discussions to strategy and tactics, and everything in between.

Our short videos offer weekly tips and tricks to improve your real estate investing game or just little tidbits to chew on for the week. 

Our weekly articles cover various topics related to real estate, business, and finance, and provide a deeper dive for those looking for a bit of nitty gritty. 

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