CWHO Mastermind Series EP 4 - PRIVATE LENDING WITH MICHAEL SHERET - CWHO - Commonwealth Home Ownership
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Michael Sheret is a shrewd entrepreneur, successful real estate investor and the Co-Founder of Best Capital Group of Companies, a private lending business. Brought up by parents who were successful real estate investors and builders, Michael gained immense knowledge about the industry from a young age by helping them manage their real estate holdings.

Intrigued by his parent’s ability to make money through construction and fix and flips, he has worked his way to excelling in the industry, with a bold vision of helping other people build generational wealth through real estate. With over 14 years of experience as a real estate investor and over 5 years as a private lender, he owns and manages a vast real estate portfolio, and has funded over 40 mortgages. He also deals in fix and flips, buy and holds, and agreement for sale.

Michael has a background in Instrumentation Technology, which helped him start his first business. His prowess in the business world is built on his exemplary hands-on approach to learning and his openness to being coached and mentored by others who excel in his fields of interest. He is keen on establishing thriving relationships and is a member of many large real estate networking groups and enjoys attending conferences and seminars to expand his knowledge.

Michael is an ambitious, passionate, and determined business person who is known for his quality workmanship, organization and attention to detail. Michael’s bold, optimistic, and sure-footed approach to investments sets him apart. He is most passionate about enabling people to live a life of possibilities and show them they are wealthier than they think, with a goal to provide them with worry-free fixed income. Besides real estate, Michael enjoys spending time with his family, summers at the family cabin and travel.

Please enjoy and stay safe everyone!

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