EP 47 - Mortgage Mondays with Kim Nguyen: How to Improve Your Buying Power with Real Estate - CWHO - Commonwealth Home Ownership
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EP 47 – Mortgage Mondays with Kim Nguyen: How to Improve Your Buying Power with Real Estate

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For this week’s episode, we have Kim Nguyen from Vine Group joining us again. With real estate prices on the rise these past few months (yes, even in Alberta), buying power is quickly being eroded for home buyers and investors alike.

Today, Kim will do a recap on how banks look at your file when determining your creditworthiness and go over tips and trick you can do to improve your purchasing power in the eyes of the bank.

Whether you’re looking to qualify for your first property or you’re an investor getting close to the financing wall, this episode is for you.

Kim can be reached at kim@vinegroup.ca.

For more episodes and content, check out our website at cwho.ca.

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