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EP 46 – A Decade of Lessons Learned as a Real Estate Investor and Realtor

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Our guest for this episode is Adrian Nedelec from Mogul Realty Group based out of Edmonton. After realizing a career in corporate sales wasn’t his passion, Adrian got his Real Estate License and was the first agent to join  James Knull and Mogul Realty Group. With five years of Real Estate investing already under his belt, only 10 months passed before he earned the award of Remax Edmonton Rookie of the year. Since then he has also completed his commercial real estate license.

At Mogul Realty Group, Adrian is the Sales Team Lead for the Edmonton office and brings his lived experience as an investor to build confidence and success for new and experienced Real Estate investors alike.

Today, we will discuss Adrian’s journey from University grad to real estate investor to  Partner at Mogul Realty and the trials and tribulations along the way that has shaped his journey. From learning how to build relationships at networking events, how to deal with bad tenants, to what makes a good, honest realtor and salesperson and more, this is one episode full of nuggets that you don’t want to miss.

For more information, you can reach Adrian at Adrian@mogulrg.com or 780-966-4471.

For more episodes and content, check out our website at cwho.ca.

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