Ep 39 - The Top Five Things You Need To Know For Multifamily Investing With James Knull - CWHO - Commonwealth Home Ownership
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Ep 39 – The Top Five Things You Need To Know For Multifamily Investing With James Knull

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We’re welcoming James Knull, Owner and Founder of Mogul Real Estate Group, back for another episode! As an investor himself, James has acquired almost 300 rental units in his portfolio and has architected several large joint ventures bringing partners together to acquire great properties. 

As a Realtor James is one of Western Canada’s top producing agents. As a leader the Mogul team, he has grown and expanded into multiple cities and consistently sets the industry standard for exceptional service and performance. 

Last time, we discussed real estate investing from the Realtor’s perspective and what it takes to become a top-producing agent. For those of you who missed that episode, you can listen to it HERE. This time around, James is going to put on his real estate investor hat and discuss what it takes to be a great investor. 

For this episode, we’re going to be talking about what you need to know to get into Multifamily Investing, among a myriad of interesting topics full of little nuggets. James is a well of wisdom and never a dull moment. I hope you enjoy this as much as we did! 

Stay safe everyone!

For more information, James can be reached at james@mogulrg.com

For more episodes and content, check out our website at cwho.ca

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