EP 35 - Real Estate Investing Myths with Wayne Hillier - CWHO - Commonwealth Home Ownership
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EP 35 – Real Estate Investing Myths with Wayne Hillier

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Hey everyone and welcome to another episode of the Commonwealth Home Ownership Real Estate Investing Podcast. For today’s episode, we have Wayne Hillier joining us. He is a veteran real estate investor based out of Edmonton and the host of the Real Estate Investor Dad podcast.

Today we have a discussion about the myths around real estate investing. There are a lot of programs and shows out there that might give new investors an unrealistic expectation about the amount of time and effort involved in real estate investing so we discuss the importance of mindset, the amount of work you should expect to put into it, the importance of patience when it comes to generating wealth using this strategy, and so much more.  There are a lot of good nuggets throughout this episode so please enjoy.

You can reach out to Wayne at reinvestordad@gmail.com

For more episodes and content, please check out our website at cwho.ca

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