EP 32 - Managing Your Energy Cycles, Private Lending, and How to Dominate in 2021 - CWHO - Commonwealth Home Ownership
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EP 32 – Managing Your Energy Cycles, Private Lending, and How to Dominate in 2021

For this episode, we are featuring three talks from February’s CWHO Mastermind event by Phil Wong, Victor Pang, and Brad Price.

People talk a lot about time management to get things done, but there’s one more important thing, and that’s energy management. If you can’t manage your energy in sync with your most important tasks, then you’ll always be suboptimal, no matter how much time you have. Phil will explain how to discover your own daily energy rhythm and the optimal time to schedule your most important tasks to be productive, rather than just busy.

Victor provides several real estate-related services, including helping clients buy and sell real estate, but one service that investors can’t get enough of is Private Real Estate Lending. Victor provides asset-based short to medium-term equity loans and mortgage financing secured against real property instead of being based on personal credit and income. This provides Investors with a project-specific option beyond the big banks.

We’re currently living through a time of uncertainty, but with uncertainty comes opportunity. Opportunities are only real if you are not only able to recognize them but are also in a position to secure them. This year will be no exception. Opportunities will be abundant, but will you be ready? Brad will reveal three things you can do to succeed in 2021. 
“The best way to predict the future is to create it” – Alan Kay, Computer Scientist.

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