EP 25 - Nick McCullum on ETFs, Index Funds, Stocks and the Importance of Diversification - CWHO - Commonwealth Home Ownership
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EP 25 – Nick McCullum on ETFs, Index Funds, Stocks and the Importance of Diversification

Our guest this episode is Nick McCullum. Nick is a software developer and Director of Growth at Passiv. Passiv is portfolio management software that makes it easy to manage your own investment portfolio. Set a target portfolio, rebalance with 1 click, and get notified when your portfolio drifts using the tool available on passiv.com.

As awesome as real estate is as an investment vehicle, diversification is still important. With Nick, we go over the difference between ETFs, index funds, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, how it all works, and how you can use these vehicles to create a diversified portfolio outside of real estate.  

We also discuss the Canadian Couch Potato portfolio, where to invest the extra cash flow from your real estate investments, the importance of rebalancing your portfolio from time to time, and how Passiv helps you do that with a single click.  

If you’ve ever wanted to expand your investment knowledge and be more aware of some of the other options out there, you can’t miss this episode.  

Show Notes: 

  • Discuss the difference between the stocks, ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), and Index funds
  • What Passiv does to help you help you rebalance your portfolio
  • Why is it important to rebalance your portfolio
  • The definition of an accredited investor and what you need to do to avoid needing an accredited investor to invest with your deal
  • What is a hedge fund and why people like to invest in them
  • Discussing the Canadian Couch Potato portfolio
  • What are bonds and how they differ from bonds
  • Where to find good resources to learn more about stocks and investing
  • Lump sum vs dollar-cost-averaging investing; lump sum investing statistically the better choice 
  • What are the allocation options for extra cash flow from your investment properties; reinvest in property, take as cash, or invest into the market
  • How Passiv works with your online brokerage 
  • How much should you allow your portfolio to drift before rebalancing; 5-10% is standard
  • Questrade customers get to use Passiv for free
  • For more info, you can reach Nick at: 

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