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If you want to gain financial freedom and security by building wealth and knowledge in real estate then our Coaching is for you! It starts with a discussion about your goals and a review of your current financial position. We’ll identify the gap between where you are now, and where you want to be. Once we have a clear picture we can review income-generating Real Estate Investing Strategies that align with your goals so you can not only build a profitable real estate portfolio but also take back your time and live life on your terms. We’ll help you build your knowledge in real estate investing, inspire you to think BIG and empower you with the confidence to action the necessary steps to succeed because ultimately, its Knowledge and Action that makes a successful Real Estate Investor.


If you’re just getting started in real estate and are thinking about purchasing your first home or even your first investment property, our Home Plan Initial Review is a must! Before making any real estate purchase you need to have a very good understanding of your finances and an even better understanding of how lenders will view your application. During your Home Plan Initial Review, we will work with you to complete a full budget review and find potential cost savings, calculate and explain your debt service ratios, review any debt you may have and create a strategic debt payment plan as well as a savings plan. We will also take the time to help you review your credit report and implement a process for you to monitor and manage it on a monthly basis. Once we’ve completed the financial review, we’ll perform a Home Type & Affordability Assessment for you. This will help you pin-point your real estate target price range and allow you to make an informed purchase.


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