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through real estate investing

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Commonwealth Home Ownership is YOUR hub for all thing’s real estate investing. It is our mission to foster a community, inspire success and empower action. We believe that building knowledge, utilizing resources and networking with positive like-minded people should be accessible and affordable for everyone.


We provide the tools and the know-how for you to confidently grow a profitable real estate investment portfolio. Our members enjoy access to the specialized Joint Venture Proforma PDF Generator – this is a must use tool to present investment opportunities to any potential joint venture partner, documents for different types of real estate deals, rental documents, content from our Mastermind Events including slide presentations, a private members forum, large discounts to all online courses and hard-copy course material, blogs, podcasts and more!


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Real Estate Investing should be accessible for everyone! We utilize a complex analytical process to find strong economic Real Estate Investment options and manage every investment with transparency and integrity.

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To get to the next level, it helps to know where you are today. We help you obtain a clear picture of your current financial standings and work with you to build your knowledge, empower you to take action and achieve your goals and ultimately live the life you want to live.

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Our courses will help elevate your knowledge in different areas of Real Estate Investing & Investment Management as well as teach you how to integrate the latest tech and automation so you can spend more time doing what you love!

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Thinking of starting your own Real Estate Investment business? It can be daunting. Why not join our team! We’ll help you get set up, give you the guidance you need to get deals done and maximise opportunities as they present themselves.

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